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Discover a world of unique offerings tailored just for you!

In the realm of tarot readings, you have a plethora of options to explore. Check out the popular choices highlighted on the landing page or dive into the comprehensive range available under the "Shop" tab.

Tarot Reading via Email: Select from a variety of tarot reading options delivered straight to your inbox. Choose between Yes or No questions, 1-question readings, detailed 1-question readings, 3-question readings (Advantage Package), and semi-annual or annual forecasts.

What to expect from an email tarot reading: Present your specific question, whether it's about career and finances, love and partnership, family and friends, or a spiritual concern. You'll receive your reading within 24 hours, including a concrete response along with photos of your tarot spread. The semi-annual or annual forecast will also be sent via email, featuring personalized tarot spreads with photos and interpretations for each month. There's no need to explain your situation, but providing key points can enhance interpretation. The more specific your question, the more specific the interpretation. However, additional information won't affect the cards that are presented in the spread. If you're okay with a more general phrasing, just provide your first name, and in case of love readings, the first name of the other person as well. That's all that is needed for the cards to give answers to your questions.

Video Calls: Schedule a personal conversation by responding to the automated order confirmation email. This option allows to delve into details that are interesting to you. If you like, prepare a list of different questions to address during the session. If you're facing a spiritual issue and contemplating seeking spiritual services, this option is suitable for understanding underlying problems, determining if I can help, and if so, how. If you decide to continue working with me, we can schedule additional sessions.

Medium Reading: Connect with a deceased loved one. Here are some extra-steps to make sure you're getting the best possible reading: Make your payment in advance. I'll then attempt to establish contact to your loved one and share the information I get. This might look very different for everyone, but as I'm presenting something to you that is technically impossible to know for me, it assures you that I've connected with the right person. This step is the reason why I only request the information that is essential to get in contact. If I should be unable to connect with the correct person, for whatever reason, you'll receive a full refund! Only after the process is completed, we schedule the medium reading.

Past Life Reading: Uncover your past lives in the way that is most beneficial to you. This might be by superficially glimpsing into multiple lives, focusing on a random one, or delving into a specific past life in detail. Unlike regression sessions, this approach won't trigger memories or cause re-traumatization. I can filter information upon request (e.g., not revealing the cause of death). Your session's structure entirely depends on what information you want to get out of it.

Spiritual Services: Beyond tarot readings, I offer various spiritual services such as cleansings, chakra cleansings, and cord cutting. If you have a specific request, feel free to ask! We can discuss what's possible and whether or not I can assist you. There's no fixed price list for individual services, as the workload can vary significantly. For larger projects, I work with package prices established after the preliminary discussion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or WhatsApp anytime!