About Me (EN)


I'm Timna, and my spiritual journey has been quite a ride, filled with various experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.

Growing up in a home where we embraced esoteric and magical practices, I naturally gravitated towards tools like the pendulum, dowsing rod, and Kipper cards at an early age. Our family space was a hub for creating magical remedies, treasuring healing stones, infusing water with sacred energies, and engaging in conversations with departed spirits and saints. Surrounded by this enchanting atmosphere, I explored the paths that resonated with my essence.

A key experience led me to delve into chaos magic, but this journey quickly came to an end when I met a Discordian magician, and I changed my ways.

A series of remarkable synchronicities, better described as purposeful alignments, introduced me to a Voodoo priest, revealing a spiritual haven and guiding light.

Guided by my spirits, I embraced a more shamanic approach, laying the foundation for the techniques I use today.

Through diverse avenues and encounters with remarkable individuals on my journey, I've absorbed a myriad of teachings. In my daily practice, I blend what proves effective. This includes Reiki, a modality I hold dear, especially since I was given a uniquely tailored initiation.