Today's Message (Pick a Pile)

Today's Message (Pick a Pile)

Hello everyone :)

I've drawn a daily card for you today, carrying a message that's meant for you in this moment. The reading is timeless, so whenever you come across this blog post, it's the right time for you to receive this message.

Focus on the photo and choose your deck. If you feel drawn to multiple decks, there are multiple messages for you. If none of the decks resonates with you, that's absolutely fine; perhaps today's message isn't meant for you.

To maintain the suspense, you'll find the photos of your card and its explanation in a separate blog post, which I'm linking here. Remember, it's your decision to discern what resonates with you, and you're free not to take the reading seriously if it doesn't align with you. In collective readings, not every message applies to everyone every time. If you'd like a personal reading, you can book one anytime on the main page (in the Shop tab at the top). I look forward to connecting with you :)

Pile 1:

Pile 2:

Pile 3:

Have fun with your message and hopefully see you again next time!