How to make any haunted doll

Sharon Day is an author and psychic and she runs several Blogs. One of them is ghost hunting theories. You can find a lot of information about the paranormal there, her articles are detailed and entertaining, it's totally worth checking it out!

She wrote a general article about haunted dolls a few days earlier, writing about a creepy place called doll island (Isla de las Munecas) and about the psychological background about why we think dolls are creepy.

Today she published my exclusive tutorial on how to make dolls haunted. I got the sigil shown there from Captain Bucky Saia. He is a former chaos magician, now discordan magician, and his sigils are second to none. I guarantee that the ritual works! Please be careful and use it in a responsible way.

I've got a haunted doll at home that will pretend to be me whenever somebody tries to attack me. She got a really nice, supportive and bright personality. Creepy haunted dolls are cool, but you can as well use the ritual to make a nice one, you just have to find a nice energy that wants to live in a doll, what is hard to find, but not impossible.

I hope y'all have fun!