Today's Message (Pick a Pile) - Pile 2, Universal Folk Oracle

Today's Message (Pick a Pile) - Pile 2, Universal Folk Oracle

Hello :)

So, you've chosen Pile Number 2 – the Universal Folk Oracle. Your card for the day is Number 44, "Loyalty."

Perhaps someone has disappointed you, someone who wasn't loyal to you. Maybe you find yourself in a loyalty conflict. Perhaps loyalty is just a theme that occupies your thoughts today.

Loyalty is not a simple matter. Try to sort out to whom you might not owe loyalty (anymore), in order to leave behind people who don't bring positivity into your life. Try to strengthen healthy relationships. The question of who deserves your loyalty and who doesn't is an important decision that you have to make. And yes, you are allowed to reconsider and change your mind at any point! Of course, the promise of loyalty implies the intention to keep it forever. But in reality, circumstances and perspectives change. We evolve, and so does the other person. Sometimes, we learn new things, even if these events may have happened long ago. Feelings change. And sometimes, good friendships develop unhealthy dynamics. In those cases, you are allowed to say "stop" and leave behind what no longer aligns with you.

Also, reflect on your own concept of loyalty. Where does this concept serve you positively? Where does it bring you inner peace? And where does it tie you to unhealthy relationships?

It's okay to change your mind when circumstances change. It's also okay to change your mind when YOU change.

I wish you all the best in your contemplation of the topic of loyalty!