Today's Message (Pick a Pile) - Pile 1, Shamanic Healing Oracle

Today's Message (Pick a Pile) - Pile 1, Shamanic Healing Oracle

Hey there! 😊

Great choice on Pile No. 1 – the Shamanic Healing Oracle. Your card for the day is the number 11, "New Day."

If things have been a bit tricky lately or life's thrown you a curveball, today is your golden opportunity to hit the reset button. Imagine it as a chance to shed any lingering thoughts that might be holding you back and embrace a fresh perspective.

Let's be real – you're not the sole captain of this ship, and even if you were, think about the limited options you had at the time. Cut yourself some slack and let go of any "shoulda, coulda, woulda" scenarios.

Life's an adventure, and it's essential to leave behind what no longer contributes positively to your journey. Ever feel like you've outgrown a situation but haven't quite admitted it to yourself? It might look like self-sabotage or overreacting to you, but it's those feelings that find their way out eventually – it's your inner cheerleader urging you to break free from anything that's cramping your style.

Celebrate the beauty of acceptance for what's happened. Sprinkle forgiveness all around – for yourself and everyone else involved. Seek out the silver lining, because, trust me, it's shining brightly.

The card is also whispering a little wisdom: hold off on final judgments. There might be a few surprise elements in your life script that are yet to unfold.

Sending you an abundance of positive vibes and, despite any bumps in the road, a day filled with delightful surprises! You've got this and more! 🌟